I enjoy traveling and typically associate my travel around outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, fly-fishing, and scuba/snorkeling.  I first started traveling with a disposable camera with the presumption that I will be back to every location I visited.  As I got older (and wiser) I realized that every trip is a unique experience and decided to focus a little more time on capturing moment, as you can never go back in time regardless how many times to have been on a repeat trip.  Over the years I have gravitated towards landscape photography, and it's important to note that I don't chase pictures per say, and have taken these as a byproduct of the moment I was enjoying at that instance in time.  I am far from a professional photographer and really just enjoy sharing what little travel experiences I have been fortunate to have.




Note: The pictures on this site are typically best viewed on desktop and laptop computers.  The color/vibrance will vary depending on the mobile device manufacturer, which may make certain colors such as reds and yellows in pictures look less vibrant.

Kevin Pacella

Redmond, WA



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