Bahamas (Andros Island)

The Bahamas consists of over 700 Islands/Cayes in the Caribbean and is located ~55 miles from Miami.  Close proximity to the United States makes these islands easily accessible and you can access remote islands to target Bonefish and other species with a fly rod where you may not see another angler.  I visited North Andros Island, which is the largest, but very secluded to target Bonefish in the Joulter Caye's with my guide Phillip Rolle.  We fished from his flats boat and waded to catch a good number of Bonefish per day.  This is a trip that is definitely worth repeating...

Phil Holding a Bonefish


The Flats (Joulter Cayes)

Conch Sound Bonefish

Conch Sound Coastline

An Isolated Caye/Beach

Tiny Grouper

Spotting Fish

Fly Rod and Fly Box

Phil with a Fish On!

Phil's Flats Boat (Maverick)

Underwater Bonefish I

Bar Jack Caught from the Beach


Underwater Bonefish II

Another Large Bonefish

Phil's Winter Coat! - 55F

North Andros Sunrise

The Grey Ghost

The Big Shop Restaurant and Bar

Another Fun Catch

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