Mexico (Yucatan)

The Yucatan in Mexico attracts many beach goers to Cancun and Cozumel.  However, I find the Mayan ruins much more interesting to visit, which are abundant throughout the region.  The beach town of Tulum is a great place to start before heading inland to Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Coba and other Mayan archeological sites that are within the region.  The following pictures were taken during the spring (May) on a road trip from Cancun to Ascension Bay within the Quantana Roo region north of Belize.  The Mayan Ruins continue into Belize and Guatemala as well, but they can be easily accessed from Belize. 

The Observatory (C.I.)
House of the Deer (C.I.)
El Castillio I (Chichen Itza)
? (Chichen Itza)
Platform of the Skulls (C. I.)
Platform of the Jaguars (C.I.)
Temple of the Wind (Tulum)
Pedro (Tulum)
Nahon Mul (Coba)
Temple of the Sea (Tulum)
Ball Court (Coba)
El Castillio II (C. I.)
House of the Halach Uinic (Tulum)
House of the Chulton (Tulum)
House of the Columns (Tulum)
El Castillo on the Water
House of the Cenote (Tulum)
El Castillio (Tulum)
Flowers (Tulum)
El Castillo III (Tulum)
Sunrise (Tulum)
The Acropolis (Ek Balam)