Montana (Big Horn River)

The Big Horn River is one of the United States most productive Blue-Ribbon Rivers.  The 3-mile tail water downstream of the Big Horn Damn contains ~7,000 fish per mile, and most fish are over 16 inches with 18-22 inch fish not uncommon.  The following 4 to 12 miles provide a scenic trip through the valley's canyons and pastures.  The Big Horn River tail water is located in Ft. Smith, which is a "very" small town with just the bare bone essentials for a great fishing trip.

Results from a Streamer

Hopper and Streamer Box

Brian with a Brown Trout

Brian with a Fish on

A Decent Brown Trout

Brian Tying on a Fly

A Beautiful Day

Brian with a "Big" Rainbow

Brown Trout in Net

Small Fly, Big Fish


Brian with an Early Catch


A Good Day in the Fall

Vince and I with a Rainbow

Vince with a Rainbow

Fishing at Sunrise

Drift Boat Rental (Front View)

Brown Trout Close-Up

Golden Eagle

Serious Storm

Vince and Brian Fishing Dries

Brian with a another Fish on

Hopper & Rod

Brown Trout (Post Release)

Big Horn Canyon (Above the Damn)

Fishing until Dusk

Casting Streamers into the Bank

Brian Nymphing

Drift Boat (Side View)

Underwater Rainbow Trout

Vince and Brian with the Raft

Brian with a Brown Trout

Big Water / Sky

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