New York (The Hamptons)

I have visited New York many times, but was only lucky enough to fly fish in the South Hamptons on one trip.  Sight fishing in shallow water from a flats boat is the last thing you would expect on Long Island, and the experience was very similar to fishing in a tropical location such as the Bahamas.  The primary target is Stripped Bass as opposed to Bonefish, but the sight fishing technique is identical and just as exciting when you select your target, present your fly, and watch the fish take it, only to release the fish back into the water for another attempt on another day.

Shinnechock Bay
Shinnecock Reeds
2nd Catch of Many
Bahama like Flats
Phil Tying on a Fly
Phil Casting
Stripped Bass (Close-Up)
Sunset in Orient Point
Releasing a Stripped Bass
A nice Striper
Another Release
Stripped Bass (Underwater)