Idaho is an amazing state and Sun Valley is a great place for a summer or winter vacation.  The hiking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, and cycling among other activities are amazing on the corridor between Sun Valley and Stanley Idaho.  There are many great places to see along the way that require more than one visit.  Outside of Sun Valley lies a very unique national park; Craters of the Moon.  This park is essentially a lava field that spans 618 miles and is well worth a visit due to the unique landscape in otherwise a mountainous region.  The difference in images captured the stereotypical assets of Idaho that the state is known for.

Sawtooth Mountains Panoramic
Sun Valley Sunset I
Craters of the Moon N.P.
RedFish Lake I
Blue Dragon Lava (COTM N.P.)
Sun Valley Sunset II
Sawtooth Mountains
Little Redfish Lake
The Serrate Flow (COTM N.P.)
Redfish Lake III
Lave Cones (COTM N.P.)
Hemingway's Grave (Sun Valley)
Baker Lake Trail
Baker Creek
Devils Orchard (COTM N.P.)
Stanley Idaho