Wyoming is an amazing state that has two of the most beautiful national Parks.  Yellowstone was designated as the first national park in 1872, and the Grand Tetons, which lies just 10 miles south of Yellowstone.  Yellowstone is comprised of geothermal features with a wide range of protected wildlife while the Teton Park contains the 40-mile long Teton Range that reaches 13,775 feet.  Both parks are bucket-list trips, but there are many more places in Wyoming that equally as scenic.

Minerva Terrace (YNP)
Soda Butte Cone (YNP)
Yellowstone Lake (YNP)
Black Pool (YNP)
The Ribbons (YNP)
White Dome Geyser (YNP)
Sunrise Pool (YNP)
Geyser Basin (YNP)
Fountain Geyser (YNP)
Firehouse Spring (YNP)
Bridge Bay Bison (YNP)
The Paint Pots (YNP)
Bison (YNP)
Yellowstone River
Famous Barn (YNP)
The Firehole River (YNP)
Grand Prismatic Spring (YNP)
Blue Hole (YNP)
Undine Falls (YNP)
White Tail Deer (YNP)
Artist Point (YNP)
Angel Terrace (YNP)
Sodda Butte Creek (YNP)
Lamar Valley (YNP)
Rustic Falls (YNP)
Bison with Grand Tetons (GTNP)
Bison (GTNP)
Jackson Lake (GTNP)
Flowers with Tetons (GTNP)
Famous Barn (GTNP)
Mammoth Spring Cone (YNP)
Creek with Teton Mtns
Grand Tetons
Barn Close-Up (GTNP)
Jackson Lake at Dusk
Mammoth Hot Springs (YNP)